Best Interior Design Ideas for HOMES IN Kannur, Kerala 2024


The art of improving a residential space’s ambiance, value, and beauty is known as home interior design. It involves choosing furniture, colour palettes, electrical appliances, and other components with attention to creating a harmonious space that meets the homeowner’s needs and expresses their unique personality. Home interior design acts as a link between historical traditions and contemporary fashion in AA Architectural Firm Kannur, Kerala, where tradition meets modern living, converting homes into welcoming havens. In this blog explore Interior design Ideas for Homes.

Living Room Interior Design

The living room is where people are gathered. Putting a higher priority on living room design helps to create a positive atmosphere for guests and family members. It produces cheerfulness and a good vibe. When designing a living room, keep the following elements in mind:

Living room interior design
  • Colour Scheme: Choose a colour combination that is harmonious and conveys the atmosphere that you want. While flashes of colour or contrasting colours can add excitement and individuality to the room, soft, neutral tones can generate a sense of peace.
  • Lighting: To generate ambiance and encourage various activities and emotions, use a range of lighting sources, such as natural light, ceiling decorations, LED task lighting, and decorative lighting.
  • Personalized Elements: Bring in personal elements that represent the people qualities and create a feeling of belonging, such as sentimental items, artwork, or family photographs.
  • Functionality: Make sure the living room satisfies the users’ practical requirements in order to find a balance between visual appeal and usability. To optimize functionality without sacrificing design, take into consideration storage options, movable furniture, and multifunctional spaces.


Bedroom Interior Design ideas

bedroom interior design

 Bedrooms serve as your little havens where we go relax, regenerate, and refresh. This area needs to be designed with functionality, style, and comfort in mind.

Creating the Ideal Sleep Paradise

This section focuses on designing a bedroom that expresses your style and encourages peaceful sleep.

  • Selecting the Ideal Bed: The main feature of your bedroom is your bed. We go over factors like materials, size, style, and mattress firmness to make sure you get the ideal bed for your requirements.
  • Essentials for Bedding: Good bedding is necessary to create a cozy sleeping environment. We look at several kinds of coverings, pillows, duvets, and sheets to help you make a comfortable and welcoming bed.
  • Nightstands and Bedside Lighting: These two components of your bedroom are both useful and beautiful. We offer advice on how to pick bedside lighting fixtures that improve the ambience of your sleeping haven and nightstands that provide storage options.

Establishing a Relaxing Ambience

A peaceful environment is necessary to encourage unwinding and sound sleep in the bedroom.

  • Calm Colour Schemes for Unwinding: We look at calming colour schemes that encourage unwinding and make your bedroom seem tranquil.
  • Organizing Your Space for Mental Calm: Trash can disturb your bedroom’s tranquillity. We offer doable advice and storage options to help you clear out your area and create mental clarity.
  • Customization and Design
    Customizing your bedroom makes it feel more unique by bringing personality and charm to the area.
  • Including Custom Elements: We talk about how to add important décor pieces that express your hobbies and personality to your bedroom, such as photographs and artwork.
  • Making a Comfortable Reading Alcove: A comfortable reading nook offers a peaceful haven for leisure and relaxation. We provide advice on how to set up and furnish a reading nook that inspires rest and escape.
  • Mirrors: Mirrors in your bedroom can improve natural light and give the impression of more space. To optimize the impact of mirrors, we investigate various styles and placement strategies.

Kitchen Interior Design ideas

kitchen interior design

The kitchen is commonly referred to as the center of the house because it is here families get jointly, cook, and create memories. A careful evaluation of arrangement, materials, and appliances is essential when designing a kitchen that is both useful and beautiful in appearance.

  • The Triangle Rule: We explore the importance of the triangle of work in the kitchen and the way placing the refrigerator, stove, and sink next to each other can make meal preparation quicker.
  • Creating the Best Use of Storage: Drawers, Cabinets, and Pantries A kitchen that is free of clutter must have enough storage. We offer advice regarding ways to maximize storage space using intelligently constructed drawers, cabinets, and pantry solutions.
  • Designs for Backsplashes: Tile Textures and Patterns: In besides providing visual appeal, a backsplash protects the kitchen walls from stains and drips. We go over several tile designs, patterns, and compositions to help in select a backsplash that enhances the overall look of your kitchen.

Bathroom Interior Design ideas

bathroom interior design

The bathroom, also referred to as the washroom is an area of privacy for rest and self-care. To design a restroom that is both useful and welcoming, convenience and attractiveness must be balanced.

  • Great Materials: The feel and appearance of your bathroom can be improved with luxury materials. For flooring, tiles, and other surfaces, we investigate materials like marble, stone, and glass to convey a feeling of richness and elegance.
  • Glass Enclosures for an Open Feel: In little bathrooms, glass enclosures for tubs and showers can give a feeling of open space. We examine the positive aspects of glass walls and how they contribute to the sense of space and airy feel in compact restrooms.
  • Greenery: In the bathroom, plants provide freshness and a sense of cleanliness. We look at ways to bring natural beauty to your bathroom decor by using plants that grow well in moist environments.

Decorative Ideas:

  • Wall Art Gallery: Arrange framed prints, photos, and artwork to create a gallery wall in your living area. Combine multiple sizes and shapes to create a unique appearance.
  • Statement Rug: To anchor the room and bring in colour and design, add an attractive carpet to your bedroom. Pick a floor covering that unifies the space and goes well with your bedding.
  • Install open shelves: In your kitchen to showcase your favourite glasses, bowls, and cookbooks. This puts regularly used things within easy reach while also adding visual style.
  • Spa-Inspired Designs: Add warm sheets and towels, fragrant candles, and decorative jars filled with aromatic bath salts to your bathroom to create a spa-like feel. These add-ons improve the experience of relaxation and refreshment.


Every space in your house becomes a reflection of your individuality through the creative and self-expression journey that is interior design. Every area, from the comfortable living room to the peaceful bedroom, and from the useful kitchen to the peaceful bathroom, presents a chance for discovery and improvement. You may design beautiful comfortable areas that fit your lifestyle by choosing furniture, lighting, colors, and textures that blend with your personal taste. Recall that the goal of interior design is to create spaces that inspire and relax you and your loved ones, so when you turn your house into a home, allow yourself to express your creativity. With the knowledge learned from this blog, you may fearlessly start your interior design action and turn your house into the home of your dreams, one space at a moment.

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